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/permskin or /stalyskin, how does it work? - Theremin - 03-06-2016

First, excuse me if this is the wrong board, I use Google Translator to browse this site and doesn't always translate properly.

How does the command /stalyskin work? I used /skin command, then turned /stalyskin off, killed myself and after respawning my skin was still the one I previously set, so different from the one given in spawnscreen. No matter if stalyskin was on or off, my skin just kept being the one I set. Is the command broken or I just didn't understand how it works? Thanks for reading, If you know the answer but don't know English, reply even in Polish, I'll try to translate it.

(Theremin atakuje LU-DM forum  :P )

RE: /permskin or /stalyskin, how does it work? - rww - 03-06-2016

Now works ;)

I used the wrong variable. Thanks to report.