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[EN] Rules of servers [ LCS-DM | VC-DM | VC-DM Classic ]
11-15-2015, 02:35 PM,
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Exclamation  [EN] Rules of servers [ LCS-DM | VC-DM | VC-DM Classic ]
Rules of servers [ LCS-DM | VC-DM | VC-DM Classic ]

  • By registering on server, you accepted the regulations. Ignorance of rules don't protect you from consequences.
  • On server, you can only have one account.
  • Forbidden is:
    • Impersonating the other players.
    • Insultsing, name-calling, provocation.
    • Threatening, bullying.
    • Introducing bad atmosphere.
    • Using a offensive, or vulgar nick.
    • Spamming, flooding.
    • Serving someone information, without owner permission.
    • Uploading someone photos, without owner permission.
    • Bugs or using server glitches to his or someone's else advantage.
    • Crashing server or players.
    • Running from death - Death Evanding.
    • Spawnkilling.
    • Persuading someone to write /q or /quit.
    • Hacking someone's account, robbing them.
    • Trading the server resources (server money, bussinnes etc.) for real money.
    • Don't applying with administration warnings.
    • Using a really differences cheats, hacks, trainers, Cheat Engine, CLEO, changed anims etc.
  • Administration have a permission to punish for actions that isn't included in regulations, when they are hurting server/site.
  • When player gives money (on server) someone freely, he doesn't have permission to demand a return (One exception, when some hack and transfer money to other account).
  • All the things for server, are doing freely, so there is no option to delete or edit it.

Rules of server LCS-DM

  • No more additional points applicable only on LCS-DM server.

Rules of server VC-DM

  • No more additional points applicable only on VC-DM server.

Rules of server VC-DM Classic

  • No more additional points applicable only on VC-DM Classic server.

Administration reserves the law to introducing changes in rules!

  • AB - Air Brake - Flying.
  • CK - Car Kill - Killing by car.
  • DB - Drive By - Shooting from vehicle.
  • DE - Death Evading - Escape the Death (ex. commiting suicides, when fightning with other players).
  • HK - Heli Kill - Killing by heli (heli-blades or machine gun).
  • NS - No Shoot - You aren't shooting in opponent, or vice versa (concers main VC-DM Classic).
  • SH - Speed Hack - Faster ride, that can be possible.
  • SK - Spawn Kill - Killing player, which was spawn already and he doesn't move.
  • WH - Weapon Hack - Having a forbidden weapons.
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07-21-2016, 06:17 PM,
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RE: [EN] Regulations of servers [ LCS-DM | VC-DM | VC-DM Classic ]
Also some lines are updated ;)

[Obrazek: userbargi_swnashr.gif]

LU-DM/TLB jedzie ci wpierdolić.
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