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Application Bninin
02-17-2018, 11:09 PM,
Post: #1
Application Bninin
[b] Nick on the server: [/ b] [OFF]Bninin
[B] Age: [/ b] 21
[b] Application on VC-DM: [/ b] 2017/2/15
[b] Internship at VC-DM: [/ b]2016/5/26
[b] Internship at VC-MP: [/ b]2015/12/5
[b] Moderator's experience: [/ b] [ViceLand moderator] [CTF moderator] [LW moderator] [SvM Admin]
[b] What is the responsibility of the moderator: [/ b]
[b] Write something about yourself: [/ b] My name is Bninin my age is 21. Im live in Tunisia and i play LU-DM
LU-DM is good server and good maps. My skills good and pro. i can speak English 100% and others langues like Russian French Arabic
in This server be a admin or moderator and i will play this server all time . i need be freinds with my bro Pictures And Good luck
Finally Thx brothers for this server . im telled others freinds XTM vito 4ch =SpitFire= [OFF]Tom 210W UJIbu4 to play this server
and they are play this server and XTM record video (video link : and
And good luck :) Heart Heart Heart Heart
[b] Do you speak English: [/ b] yes
[b] Contact (Hamachi / GG / others): [/ b] i use IRC/Discord/GG
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02-18-2018, 12:28 AM,
Post: #2
RE: Application Bninin
Hey Bninin.

Your case is very similar to Sheep and my answer is the same as there:

(02-18-2018, 12:26 AM)Piterus napisał(a):  Hey Sheep! Thx for you application! It's very nice that you're trying to help us!

First of all you aren't in SvM Staff and you aren't in CTF Staff too. It was very easy to check :P Lying is not a good solution, trust me.

However this (^) isn't the main thing here. Just we don't need new member in our staff, we have enough atm I think. Another matter your english is very bad, not to mention about polish (yea, It's mainly polish server).

Unfortunately your application is danied. Play with us, enjoy the game with us, but as a player, not an admin.

You also lie and your situation looks the same. Danied. Just have fun on server. Thx.

[Obrazek: sygn_500px.jpg]
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